What can Forest Roofs help me with?

What we primarily do for our agents is check out roofs to identify if the policy holder needs to file a claim. There are a lot of other things we do though. We check roofs to certify what kind of roof they are, we go out to homeowners houses and address simple issues, we actively try to get you new business, and we try to get you good reviews by asking the client to write one at the end of the process. We want to grow together.

Why should I use Forest instead of any other roofing company for my clients?

Besides the fact that our customer service and workmanship is second to none; we always put a sbs class 4 roof on, we always work to ensure that the relationship between the insured and the agent remains positive, we will work to bring you business, and we will work to get you positive reviews. We also bring A LOT of industry experience which makes us a great resource to ask any roofing questions.

Who is involved with my clients?

The owner Charles, and one of our senior project managers, Casey, exclusively deal with insurance agents. You will not have a new face all of the time, and if you would like, we can keep it to one person per agent. This is all up to you.

What kind of shingles do you use?

Class 4, impact resistant shingles. We also exclusively use SBS shingles which are made with a rubberized material ingrained in the asphalt mix which makes hail bounce off of shingles as opposed to breaking them. Our goal with this is that next time it hails, our clients will tell their neighbors who put on the roof that didn’t get damaged.

Are there any insurance companies you don’t work with?

Yes: Allstate and Liberty Mutual. We look at both of these carriers as opportunities to refer you new business because after a claim the customers with those carriers are unhappy every single time.

How much volume can you handle?

We keep our company small and tight for a reason. By doing this we allow ourselves to keep our quality in check, and we never lose sight of the fact that we are trying to put on a tangibly better product than our competition. Because of this, in a very large storm, we may ask to turn off the leads. This has happened twice and only happens when it has to, but we will never take on more than we can handle because this is when quality goes down and problems start to happen.

Who are your crews?

We have two crews. One has been with us since before we were even a company and the owner worked with them with someone else. The other crew is our specialty roofs crew who are known as some of the best installers in the state. We are more than happy to give you their name and you can ask about them to material reps and suppliers. They are well known, and this is what you need when doing metal, slate, shake, or steel products. Both know exactly what we expect and vise versa. This has created a great working relationship.